A Researcher Life

Friday, 1 June 2007

A Research Proposal

In the last period I wrote different research proposals
and so I summarize what I learned from this experience,
a successful research proposal should be:

1) sexy (this is the typical word used by my boss)
in one of my proposal I wrote that my proposed research
was the "... holy Graal of condensed matter physics...."
and I got the money for this one!

2) useful for the entire world
(photovoltaic, new electronic devices
, bio something)

3) innovative: new codes, new methodologies, new techniques
will be developed (even if the old ones were enough)

4) easy to be understood,
maybe your referee knows less than you about
this project (this happens more often one can think!)
and so few formulas, and many citations to Nature and Science

Monday, 28 May 2007

"My life as quant"

These days I read a very nice book
"My Life as Quant"of Emanuel Derman
the story of a theoretical particle physicist that
decided to leave science to work in financial markets.
I relay appreciate both the part about the academic life
and the one about the life in Wall Street that for me was unknown.

About the academic life, I found many points in common with my
actual situation and I strongly recommend this book to everyone
would like to work in science or in financial markets.

First Post

Hello to everybody
this is the first post of "A Researcher Life" a blog
made by anonymous researchers about the academic life
around the world.